“ASHTAANG CHIKITSA” (अष्टांग चिकित्सा) for Neuro Musculoskeletal Problems

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18-Apr-2024 | Thursday | 6:00 P.M.

Unique Therapy... Amazing Results

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Rachna Bothra is a highly experienced Yoga and Pranayam instructor with over 30 years of practice. Successfully trained 500+ participants in medical knee yoga and now leads a team of Kumbhaka enthusiasts exploring holistic health beyond medicine.


Swami Rajvibhu is a rare Kumbhak  Yogi who has invested his life in reviving this vedic therapy. Based on his keen and incisive observation of human mechanics, he is able to offer customised practices to every individual.


Anyone Suffering From:

Musculoskeletal Issues

Knee pain, lower back pain, hip issues, slip disc, disk bulge, and structural spine issues.

Neurological and Nerve Conditions

Conditions like drop foot, neuropathy in the legs, and other nerve-related issues.

Arthritis and Bone Health

Conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and dislocations.

Spinal and Disc Conditions

Conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and dislocations.

Shoulder Problems

Including frozen shoulder, drooping shoulder, and tennis elbow.

General Nerve Issues

Including issues related to the nerves in the body.


Medicine free, holistic approach for lasting pain relief and self-improvement through Ashtaang Chikitsa.



Mistakes That Are Causing Long-term harm To Your Musculoskeletal System.



Long-term solution for Neuro Musculoskeletal Pains with Kumbhak Therapy.



Introduction To Our Online Ashtaang Chikitsa Program.


“I express my gratitude to Swami Rajvibhuji, mentor Soniji, Anitaji who designed beautiful Astang chikitsa, Humbhak therapy for brain related chronic diseases. I got left side stroke, left hand, shoulder fingers, left leg paralyzed. I am diabetic so I was consuming allopathic medicines on a regular basis resulting in various other ailments, constipation, sleep disorder, weakness, muscular pain, body ache and no strength, depressed mindset. After starting Astang Chikitsa, Kumbhak therapy, I don’t need allopathic medicine anymore. I am doing the kriya’s early in the morning, consuming desi you ghee, DIP Diet, and consuming herbal/ayurveda medicines. Got pain relief, standing stamina, gaining in muscle strength. Feelings changed. I appreciate the AVISA team, paying individual attention to the participants. Thank you. ” 

~ Dewanand Satpute 

“I have realised that Swamiji and our mentors are continously stressing on importance of Kumbhak, in the first very week 70% of my pain disappeared and could resume normal activities, now I am almost out of it. I still do have some other back pain issues but Anita ji my mentor says that too will get resolved. I all this I have realised that Swamiji and our Mentors are continuosly stressing on the importance of being persistent with the Kriyas, whichI guess is something all of us have to religiously commit to, which will do the required miracles. Thanks so much to the whole AVISA team.”

~ Arti Tipnis 

“Ye apki dedication se ho paya ha team Avisa. Nahi to shuru ma bhaut muskil laga. Perfect to nahi pr jitna kr skti hu utne se hi muje bahut aaram mila. Main jammen pr nahi bhauth skti thi, pr ab baith rahu hu aur kriya kr rhi hu. JJab pitta module ki practise kr rahi thi to eakdm se mere Frozen right shoulder ma jo 30 saal se frozen tha ma tk ki awaam hui, aur mere hath chalne laga. Ab mera hanth pope tk chala jaa skta hai. Dard bhi km ho gayi hai. Backbone pain bhi kmhai tabhi to jameen pr baith pa rhi hu. Allopathy medicine bhi lena band krdiya hai. Thank you team Avisa and worthy Swami ji for this.”

~ Vijendra Sharma 

“It was indeed a wonderful experience learning Khubhak kriya with Ameda Shleshma. A special thanks to our mentor Ranjana who was just amazing as she motivated us throughout the 6 weeks journey…. I not only lost 2 kgs weight during the whole course, my thyroid (THS) and fasting sugar reading also improved a lot along with an increase in energy level. My heart is full of gratitude for all those whom I met during this journey. Very special thank you to Swami Ji for what you are giving to the world by taking us to our roots.”

~ Rakhi Chhajer 

“I had joined this course for Osteoporosis, varicose vain and difficult in walking and high BP. I am feeling much better walking, my varicose vein color has started shifting from blue to red. BP is still to be tackled. Sometime I used to have acidity that is completely gone. Besides physically I feel very peaceful, content and confident. I am so grateful to all team members and of course lot of thanks (Pranam) to Swamiji. Love you all. High regards to everyone. I will send my testimony again after two months.”

~ Sudha Shishir Agarwal 

“I have been doing the Kriyas for almost last two months or so as I have been suffering from RA and Knee problem. By doing the Kriyas as I have been able to recover from my problems much much faster seems nothing less than a miracle. I have had lot medicines earlier but it did not help but Swamiji’s kumbhak n all respective Kriyas are making lot of positives changes to me. Hats off to the entire team of Avisa and Swamiji indeed great work. ”

~ Vikaas Narkar 

Frequently Asked Questions

Kumbhak literally means hold. Kumbhak is the effort-creating mechanism of the human body. Here we are talking about the Kumbhak which is breath hold. Through specialized breath-hold Kumbhak can create an internal trigger for the body and the mind.

a. Is the practice you are doing specially designed for you or is it general?

b. Are the practices geared towards generating a specific empowerment which can have a reversal effect on the specific disease you are struggling with?  

If not, you can do a little exploration with Kumbhak. If while doing Kumbhak practices, you want to continue with yogic practices, then let us know the practice, so that we can advise accordingly.

Kumbhak or breath-hold methods involve minimum use of the body. The practices can be learnt and done by anyone of any age (16 years and above). If you have a certain challenging condition like recent/earlier surgery, or any physical problem, the same can be shared at the start of a program and it’s taken care of.

Kumbhak practices can be done sitting on a floor or chair. In fact, they need to be done in a state of ease. In our current programs, we have people who are 60 plus. They are able to do the practices and are benefitting from the same.  

Yes, this live webinar is free where we will provide you detailed information on benefits of Kumbhak Therapy and detailed course conducted by Swami Ji.

No, as long as one is breathing one can do Kumbhak

Yes , a BP Patient can do kumbhak under a trained kumbhak mentor without forcing the body to hold the breath.

You need to do the kriyas till your health issues are resolved , but after sometime due to any reason your symptoms come back you need to practice once again.

No. Breath-hold is one of the ways to enhance the Kumbhak or holding factor. The other ways in Kumbhak Therapy involves using breath, body movements, focus, mind, intentions, the energy system, external forces, the environmental factors and even divine influences in a person’s life

Most therapies talk of managing or controlling the levels or symptoms. Kumbhak Therapy      focuses on returning the system back to its natural condition and not just focusing on bringing down levels or lab parameters.

  • Kumbhak Therapy uses the body’s strength building or effort making mechanism. 
  • It is targeted at a weakened organ or weakened function. 
  • It’s completely natural. 
  • It does not interfere or intervene in a person’s current medical treatment
  • It has no side-effects 
  • It focuses on root cause determination and provides customized solutions. 
  • It can be learnt from the comfort of one’s home. 

Yes, a healthy person should do kumbhak to strengthen the weakened forces within him/her to lead a disease free life . Thus kumbhak acts as a preventive too.

No, it is not difficult as it is a guided online program by trained kumbhak mentors . Astang Chikitsa online therapy course involves minimum body movement. They can be done sitting on a chair or on a flat surface. Participants are also encouraged to do their practices gently while giving sufficient rest between rounds. Thus, they build their capacity slowly.